13 thoughts on “Here I am. :D

  1. Let’s see. I’ve been to Walmart, SuperCuts, and a lovely valentine’s dinner at The Melting Pot. Where have you been, Miss Kate?

    BTW, good to see you journaling again. Loves!

      • When you say tighns like Evolution says tighns just randomly popped into existence or Evolutionists think it’s all just a big accident , don’t you understand that you are describing not SCIENTISTS’ view of evolution, but your OWN? No scientist says It all just happen by accident and such rot. It’s easy to create a parody of somebody’s actual position, make it look ridiculous, and then claim you have demolished their position. It’s much harder to do the actual work of first UNDERSTANDING the other guy’s point of view and THEN critiquing it. I have yet to see a Creationist write anything that shows he or she actually comprehends the theory well enough to be qualified to rebut it. When you attack straw dogs like Evolutionists say it’s all random and we got here by accident , don’t you see you just make YOURSELVES look ignorant?

  2. Well test him. be very careful with what you say, trust me i would know beuscae i was the guy in the situation at one point. Okay well be cute with him like make stupid obvious mistakes when your with him, to see his reaction. to me it sounds like he has something for you. so keep going for him but to make it obviously you want him to chase you just never forget that when you text if you flirt with him. leave him wanting more.Hope I help! message me ore something to tell me what happens with this guy i will be happy to help

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