Lashing out at women, the bigger picture.

Daniel Nye Griffith had some interesting and I think on-target things to say about the Hepler/Bioware fiasco here:

The Changing Face of Gaming

I get this a lot, too. It’s not just women. It’s gays. It’s the most Evil of All Evils, the casual gamer.

I am not at all sorry about things changing. I love new games, I love old games. I’m happy to be part of the changing face of games. Also, you know.

This is our turf now too.

Expect us to defend it.

3 thoughts on “Lashing out at women, the bigger picture.

    • And that’s just it – as A was reminding me yesterday, Roberta Williams made Kings Quest, all those years ago. Maybe “now” is wrong, you know, maybe it’s been ours all along.

      • I think it’s becoming more accepted, socially (we’re not the nerds hiding in someone’s parent’s basement) and those of us who are not white males discovering the fun of it. I’ve noticed it’s far more common with the younger generation (20 yo’s) that girls are accepted and ‘hot’ if they’re rper’s to other gamers, than with us being more unique in our generation.

        we’re more vocal about gaming as well.. the Bioware groupies I talk to are on LJ, away from the main Bioware Forums, and it’s 90% women, with good conversations/fanfic and gaming discussion and not like Kotaku’s badly socialized and easily threatened by any sign of a strong female fully clothed character male gamers.

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