Build together what you can’t build alone

Music to work out to. Or Ride Large Horses and Lop off Enemies’ Heads To.

So I joined Fitocracy and a lot of you reading now are my Fitocracy buddies (hi buddies!!). The community there is fantastic and in terms of having people around – virtually if not physically – makes lifting a whole different experience. I love lifting, but it’s kind of lonely if you don’t have a regular workout partner, and I can do the solitary thing for a while but then I find all the alone time less meditative and more depressing.

I have learned so much already. One of the things I’ve learned is that my work gym while convenient, is inadequate. I brought in a barbell and about 100 pounds of plates, and I’m bringing in my bench which has a rack but already I’m deadlifting more than 100 and pretty soon the nice wood floor is going to start to take a beating from the plates.  There are no mirrors, no racks, and the pullup frames aren’t anchored. If I want to do pullups I have to stack some plates or a few dumbbells on the other side of the rack so when I put my weight on it it doesn’t crash down on top of me.

Fun times.

So I went over to the local BSC, which is super swank and has really nice people who are Gay and Out to Me in the First Fifteen Minutes, which I kind of love (seriously, I didn’t even out first), and the free weights are decent and wow, that’s still kind of a lot of money to commit every month even with my work’s discount.

But meanwhile, the guy I talked to was from Hawaii… except he only said that because most people don’t know Samoa from a Girl Scout cookie, but then it came out that I’d lived there and actually he’s part Samoan and then there was lots of hugs and talofa and his sister’s a fa’afafine and you know? You know? We laughed about how anytime someone says “oh, I know this Samoan guy” we get all excited and say WHO WHO WHAT SAMOAN WHERE because we are all homesick like that. And then they say, oh this guy

“he was in *Foxboro*,” said my new friend disconsolately.

You miss family. Family is part of it. A big part of it, and respect, he said, and I agreed. It’s a different idea and we talked about Vailima and the beaches on the north side of the island, and the crazy way the roads around Pago Pago are set up. He went to school there too.

This is the waterfall we used to swim in, by my house:

Jump off this. Repeat. Repeat again.

So I was all kind of happy and a little homesick and wanting to swim in some waterfalls, and went back to work feeling that kind of weird sense of being from too many places and no places, all at the same time.

And I thought really, I don’t want a gym membership.

So I sent out an email.

“O HAI WORK AIGA. About our nice but very empty gym.You guys want to go in on some good plates and a couple of decent barbells and maybe a standing rack? Um, or does someone want to bring their stuff in too because I have mine here and do we really want to pay thirty-some dollars a month when we have a really nice gym downstairs?”

I was deluged with emails.

Serious lifters, guys who wanted to donate their weights, who wanted to go in on more equipment with me. We’re going to meet next week and look at the gym as it is and see what we want and start estimating how much a good minimum set up will cost us, once we get all the donated stuff in.

New gym forthcoming.


The way it should be.

Stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “Build together what you can’t build alone

  1. That is really cool. I want to get into lifting but I’d like to lose some weight first. I also am more focused on building cardio strength/general strength right now.

    Fitocracy makes me want to hulk out. 😛

    • Hee!! Me too. ;D

      Lifting is a good way to build your strength – you don’t have to go all heavy right away – just work it into your regular routine. Building muscle also speeds weight loss if that’s your goal. 😀

  2. Awesome! I’m seriously thinking of putting a little sheet up at my apt. complex’s tiny gym and be like “Does anyone use that piece of crap machine in the corner? If not, can we ditch it and ask the complex for [or does anyone have] an elliptical? Also, we need a bench. Does anyone have a bench they’re willing to donate? 3rdly, the exercise bike is stuck in the hardest mode… let’s get a new bike” and see what kind of reply we get.

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