We love our landfill.

Most of us in my town use the local dump. It is not a usual dump, it is an event, a thing to do, it is… as you would say, an occasion that one does not miss here in our little town if one is ANYONE of not or, you know, has trash and recycling to dispose of.

Our little landfill has comprehensive recycling, also trash, also a bookmobile, also a swap meet. It has yard waste disposal, big item disposal, electronics disposal and hazardous waste disposal (all on their appointed days and times). On a Saturday you take the kids and you plan to spend several hours there.


Because in addition to doing your trash and recycling – a fabulous affair in and of itself of tossing plastic into HUGE MASHERS and watching it crushed, or taking glass bottles and FLINGING them into a big closed dumpsters and watching them SMASH into millions of pieces – in addition to all that one must buy baked goods for whatever local drive or charity is going on, one must sign petitions of local politicians and canvassers for Good Things and the Environment (because that’s where they all go), and then spend lots of time at the swap meet looking for things like vintage cross country skiis or toys or who knows what other treasures.

That’s not counting the hour or so you spend talking to your neighbors or the dump guys, who are local celebrities.

I don’t know why, with a facility like that, ANYONE would get their goods picked up at the curb.

And for this?

We pay… wait for it… wait for it..

$256 a year.

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