No homo

“No homo.”

Because the worst thing that could be thought of you being affectionate or appreciative of another man is that you would be mistaken for gay.

“No homo.”

Because it is all right to love another guy, but not like that. Or other men can, but you do not want to be like them. Or associated with them. Or among them.

“No homo.”

Because a million gay men take the risk each day of loving other men openly and honestly. Because they are not afraid to tell even you, the straight guy, that you are beautiful. You fucking coward.

“No homo.”

Because you think less of me. Because you think less of my gay brothers.

“No homo.”

Because you are afraid of the possibility of your own homosexuality, even if you’re married and have kids and a wife, even if you’re a big strong guy with nothing to prove. Because you are not willing to admit you might have some two percent of yourself who thinks another guy is hot, or loves him maybe a little past the average.

“No homo.”

Because you are angry, and afraid. We are all waiting for you to get over it. We all love you regardless.

Seriously, stop saying it. The gay men and women around you know you don’t mean “I don’t want to be like you, I don’t like what you are.” We know, but maybe you could realize that that’s how it sounds

and stop saying it anyway.

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