Working strength

Because this isn’t about losing weight for me – it can’t be – I have to define the process other ways.

I’ve been lifting seriously again for a couple of months now, and finished the 5,000 pushup in 21 day challenge, and am consistently breaking PRs and seeing progress.

I went for my first run in a long time and banged out three miles without much trouble or distress.  Which means that whatever I’ve done, it’s included something that looks like cardio.

But if my goal isn’t to look good

although I do

then what’s all this for?  Strength for its own sake?  Sure, absolutely. Health?  Yeah. But that’s not enough, not for me.

So I signed up for the New England Spartan sprint race this August. It will be the closest thing I’ve done to a physical agility test in a very long time, and I’m interested to see how it goes.




I also looked into powerlifting competitions.  The hilarious thing about that is that I am a fat old lady, and while I lift about half what I need to to really be competitive, I’m being told to come to a meet in July anyway because… well… no one has lifted in my class in months.  \o/

Nothing like no competition, right?


Strength work is mental too, really. Maybe more than physical, at the end of the day.

9 thoughts on “Working strength

  1. if you call yourself a fat old lady, your inside-self will start to believe it. So you should stop. And be powerful instead 🙂 Fat old ladies don’t generally win races. Or do 5,000 pushups (I am not disparing fat old ladies, here. I enjoy fat old ladies)

    • What if I am a fat old lady who does pushups? I don’t know. Saying it takes the bite out of it. Like calling myself queer. It could be a bad word but it isn’t, if I use it right. Dunno? No? Bullshit?

      Also happy for “complete,” as opposed to “win,” in this case LOL Loves. ❤

      • They aren’t bad expressions of you own them and make them yours. Be a Rooster (as opposed to a lawyer)!

  2. I think it’s different. But I’m not as queer as you are 😀 I still think it’s different. I would say fat old ladies also don’t try to compete but in someone’s world I’m a fat old lady so I know that’s not true 🙂 ❤

    • See, but that’s exactly it.

      Also I still love that you do derby more than like, lots of things. So awesome. Even today I said to someone “my BFF in Canuckistan does derby” and he got all starry-eyed and then I was like all PREEN yes I know her LOL

  3. I suppose I should look into competing in powerlifting. Would love to try it. If I survive my Spartan Sprint, that is…

    Kate, you are awesome. JSYK. Carry on, then.

  4. Kate, I didn’t know you’d only been lifting (again) for a few months. Your numbers, knowledge, and determination suggest otherwise. I can certainly understand your feeling that you’re goals go beyond a single faucet such as health/fitness, body weight, 5RMs, 1RMs, body composition, being able body check a bus, etc. Perhaps you like figuring out how things work, how you can get them to work for you, and how you can take them to the next level. I think you would excel at the competition. You feel a need to “know”, don’t you? I can understand that. I wish I’d understood it like that when I was your age.

    Best of luck/skill/intensity (and better) to you!

  5. The ‘fat old ladies’ beat the crap out of me in the aqua class. I just wish they would come into the weights room to beat the crap out of me there too.

  6. Strength for it’s own sake maybe, but to be able to bang out a bunch of pull-ups… THAT is a good feeling.

    I just did the Tough Mudder and I think it is similar to the Spartan Race, and it was MUCH less bad than people make it out to be. If you have good functional strength (which it seems you do) you will probably be in much better shape than most of the people there. You will do great!

    PS. this is my new favorite blog.

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