I love that post down there where I’m all ZOMG 125# deadlift!

So I broke 225 last week. A guy standing around told me my form was terrible but sure, okay, I GOT IT UP and could still walk the next day SO WHATEVER.

People can mess with your head even with well-intentioned advice.

Anyway, he was right, my form sucked. But I’m 225 dead, 135 bench and 165 squat right now and that’s not bad at all.


Hockey lulled because they were using the rink for hockey camp and I was too lazy and annoyed to try to find pickup anywhere else, plus doing the contract game writing that I am.

A break was probably in order anyway, just to regroup. I’ll play some more pickup there just because it’s there but it really is kind of a fast, insane skate and I am feeling old and not like fighting for the puck with a bunch of insanely talented college guys.

I think it’s time to get back on a team this fall.


Also, in news of the awesome, Brantt Myhres started the Greater Strides Hockey Academy.

Years ago, Brantt sat in my truck and told me I should try playing hockey sometime.


Little did he know.

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