Colorwork, the hinky way. How do you do it?

I’m a flicker so it probably looks all kinds of weird to normal people. But this is how we roll, on my couch.

How do you to two-stranded?

Oh, and there was also a hilarious thread on Ravelry recently complaining about women who DARE to make free instructional knitting videos on YouTube but don’t – get this – bother to get a manicure first.

To you women complaining, a hearty fuck you.

Some of us play hockey, some of us are mechanics and longshoremen. You’re lucky my nails are clean, biyotch.

Casting on today…

Casting on these FREAKING ADORABLE baby socks today.


(Someone else knitted these. Mine will look different. Probably, um, you know. Substantially. O.o)

Tracy, do you recognize the pattern type?  It’s modeled after Turkish socks!! 😀 And here’s the Ravelry Pattern for anyone interested.

What are you knitting/crafting/systematically destroying today?