“Let me explain. No, no, too much… let me sum up.”

Expatriate kids are all the same. We fit nowhere and everywhere.

I’m a writer of short fiction including stuff like Things Greater than Love, Miss Parker Down the Bung and Ferryman’s Reprieve, and most recently “Pinono Deep” was the cover story for Asmov’s 2014 October/November issue.

Awesome wife, two kids, I do some powerlifting and play hockey.

I’m an indie dyer, and this is my hand-dyed yarn business:

A Hundred Ravens

On top of that I’m currently a professor of video games at Champlain College in Burlington Vermont. Yes, it’s a thing. I know, right?

Home page art courtesy of the unbelievably skilled Taylor Fischer. The image is of Drake, a character in “Things Greater than Love.”

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Kate,
    Love your blog here, and your many reflections of yourself. Got here via a comment you left in Scalzi’s Whatever on the being schooled in Creepy thread.

    All the best to you and yours,


    PS: also loved ‘The Boy’…

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